About Us

Diabetesherbalcare.com is the product of Panther Deals LLC.

Corporate Mission and Quality Statement:

Diabetes Herbal Care was formed with the sole purpose of bringing to the sufferers of life-threatening diseases, such as diabetes, a sure cure rather than painful survival, an invigorating and holistic medicine compounded to cure the incurable. 

R & D and Manufacture:
Pristine pure herbs are sought, acquired, stored, pulverized, granulated and compounded with other herbs strictly according to the rules and proportions of traditional herbs. Advanced techniques in extraction, blending, mixing, filtering, straining, etc. are implemented by experienced workers.
Random testing and inspection ensure that product quality is consistent so that pharmacists can vouch for and proudly distribute, stock and sell Diabetes Herbal Care products in the global market. Diabetes Herbal Care ensures that every end product is compounded and packaged in hygienic conditions with climatic controls and GMP certified manufacturing set-up approved by the Food & Drug Control Administration.

Diabetes Herbal Care also works to raise the awareness about the seriousness of diabetes, promoting prevention and early detection strategies and advocating for better standards of care and provides practical assistance & information.

Contact us now using our contact page, or email us at care@diabetesherbalcare.com